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eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is an entry requirement for visa-free foreign nationals traveling by air to Canada. An eTA will be electronically linked to a traveler's passport. It will be valid for up to 5 years or until the expiration of the passport, whichever comes first. A new eTA will be needed in case you get a new passport, you must have a valid Canada eTA before boarding your plane. Our legal and professional service assists you through the GIA process and responds to every query regarding the form and related issues based on consultancy only. The application process can take up to 72 hours. Disclaimer: We are an agency not affiliated with the Government website. Our agency helps individuals and legal entities with their administrative travel procedures.

Legal Notice: We provide the technological tools Ascend application. The fee for our services includes professional translation, legal advice and immigration consulting. The final decision to grant an authorization rests with the Government of Canada -

1. Have your passport and credit or debit card ready and read the help document


2. Use the official online form to make your request. The form cannot be saved, so have your information ready.


3. Pay application for your Ascend after completing the form.


4. You will receive an email regarding your Electronic Travel Ascend. Most applications are approved in a matter of minutes.


Get information about Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)





🇦🇬Antigua and Barbuda




















🇭🇰Hong Kong

🇭🇺 Hungary



🇧🇲Bermuda Islands

🇰🇾Caiman Islands

🇫🇰Falkland Islands

🇸🇧Solomon Islands

🇻🇬British Virgin Islands













🇳🇿New Zealand


🇵🇬Papua New Guinea




🇬🇧 United Kingdom

🇨🇿Czech Republic


🇸🇲San Marino

🇸🇭Santa Helena

🇻🇦 Holy See


🇸🇪 Sweden



  • Legal advice and consultancy

  • 24/7 processing

  • Assistance to complete the questionnaires in the requested language with the support of the multilingual department.

  • Information verification of grammatical errors using Grammarly.

  • Professional Immigration Service

  • Simplified form provided through ASCEND

  • Intuitive guide for the preparation of the individual process.

  • Expiration calendar notice

International travel to Canada is permitted for vaccinated travelers. There are exceptions for unvaccinated citizens and those traveling for "essential reasons." It is necessary to comply with the requirements to ensure that entry is allowed.

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